Turn your “Ho Ho Ho!”s into “Ha Ha Ha!”s: Celebrate the Season with our Top 5 Family Holiday Games and Activities!

This year has brought us one challenge after another! No matter what 2020 throws at us, we are not letting it suck the fun out of our holiday season.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s just around the corner, there’s no better opportunity to get your family together and make sure this year’s holiday season is as memorable as ever.

Whether you are planning on spending the holidays at home with your nuclear family, traveling with aunts, uncles and cousins to a holiday resort, or visiting your in-laws in the snowy North East, there’s nothing like a good game to bring out the holiday cheer and a family together.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 games and activities for the 2020 holiday season that will not only top the fun of the kids table, but get even the grinchiest of family members ROFL!

#1 Kids Against Maturity

As far as card games go, Kids Against Maturity takes the cake! Filled with poop phrases, toilet humor, and layered innuendos for the adults this game is guaranteed to have the whole family cracking up.

Made by parents for parents, this age-appropriate, super fun family card game is as hilarious as they come. It’s not for nothing that it was voted one of the top 20 family games of 2020.

#2 Family Talent Show

We get it, not everyone has the theatrical talent of aunt Gladys or the dancing skills of uncle Albert. Even those without an artistic talent can have fun with this one, though! Get people into groups or have them perform individually. Anyone can recite a poem, sing a song, perform a skit, juggle, or tell a joke.

#3 Trivia

Set up your trivia game before the gang gets together. Send a questionnaire to each family member so you can collect information and plan the trivia questions. During the family get-together, split everyone into small groups. You can do this Jeopardy-style, where you ask a question and the first one to raise their hand or blow a whistle gets to answer, or the teams can take turns Trivial Pursuit-style.

Some ideas for questions can be:

#4 Would You Rather

Give this famous dilemma game a holiday twist and find out your family’s naughty and nice sides! Pose the questions offering two good options, like “would you rather eat a pound of mom’s turkey or drink a gallon of dad’s eggnog?” or two bad options, like “would you rather be stuck in sunny Florida with uncle Ben or snowed in in Ohio with your best friend’s beautiful girlfriend?”

#5 Holiday Pictionary

Sprinkle some holiday cheer over this classic drawing game! Christmas songs, holiday movies, and classic holiday food are all great categories to add to your holiday-themed Pictionary cards and have everyone guessing what the “picturist” is trying to say through drawing.

Whatever next year might have in store for us, let’s say goodbye to 2020 with a laugh and bring the fun of these games and activities to your family holiday plans.